Baby point: This point is located nearby the Main point which is more suitable for beginners with waves of different heights catering to all abilities. As this area also draws a lot of swimming public, always be on the lookout for people in the sea when surfing.

Komari – Lighthouse Point/ Green Point; This surfing point is located along the coast of the Komari village, 12 kilometers North to THE SURF CITY. This beautiful beach/point is yet to see a peak in its popularity but is nevertheless frequented by a handful of surfers. The beach stretch prior to the lighthouse is pristine and inviting. The drive to reach this point is also supremely beautiful with unending swathes of paddy fields of either side.

Whiskey PointTravel North from THE SURF CITY  and at the Urani Bridge make a right turn towards the coast. Follow this road two kilometers to this point. Whiskey Point is probably the most frequented surf point, after the Arugam Bay Main Point. Whiskey point is set on a wide beach with a set of boulders at its bend, providing ideal conditions for surfers of all abilities.

Pottuvil Point: This point is popular with surfers for its unique setting and location. A long deserted sandy beach ends with a large set of boulders.

Cobra Point:  To get to Cobra Point, walk past the Arugam Bay Main Point for some 500 meters along the Pasarichenai beach stretch, till you see a group of rocks curving inland, the Point is just there. This Point is a relatively new one and takes its name from the powerful waves that are apparently in the shape of a cobra’s head, ready to strike.

Crocodile Rock: When traveling From THE SURF CITY to Panama, make a left turn onto the Kudakalliya Road. Arrive at the very bottom of that road and Crocodile Rock is just ahead along the coast. A ten-minute walk passing the lagoon to your right will bring you to this point; Climb the rock for impressive views of the beach and surrounding paddy lands.

According to some, the long elongated ‘snout’ shape of this natural rock gives it its name; but in reality, the name is derived from the mugger crocodiles that access this area via the adjacent Heda Oya Lagoon. You will be lucky to spot a crocodile, especially given their shy nature, however no need to panic as they just want to bask in the sun, atop this rock.

Peanut Farm: This is located around 4km from THE SURF CITY in Pottuvil - Panama Road. This is one of the very first ‘underground’ old secret surfing points in Arugam Bay. It takes its name from the numerous peanut trees that were farmed on the property in the past.

Okanda Point:  This is one of the remote point.

Panama Point: Panama Point is located at the extreme end of the B374 Pottuvil – Panama Road.

Panagala Point: This is a newly discovered surf point.